Southern Tier Solar Works

Southern Tier Solar Works promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency by:

  • Engaging in Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceedings to promote community-based energy platforms.
  • Administering a Solarize program designed to facilitate the transition to renewables one house, business, and school at a time.
  • Creating Solar Farms (Community Shared Solar).

To learn more or sign up for a free solar site assessment, visit the Southern Tier Solar Works website.

In order for our community to become sustainable, we need to shift to a more sustainable energy source. BRSC is helping our community shift from fossil fuels, to a MODERN, SUSTAINABLE, RENEWABLE energy future.

We help residences and businesses alike to become more energy efficient, clean, and energy independent.

Community and partners

The Southern Tier Solar Works Solarize program is like many others across both New York State and the nation.

“Solarize campaigns are locally-organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting a critical mass of area homes and businesses to install solar. Solarize campaigns bring together widespread community outreach and education, competitive installer selection, and a limited-time offer to bring more customers to solar and provide significant cost savings” (

We educate communities across New York State by holding solar workshops, where we give participants all the information they need to take the next step – a free solar site assessment. In addition, these workshops allow us to introduce our competitively selected installer partners to these communities.

What we’re up to now:

We are currently preparing for our 2017 Solarize campaign, which launches May 6th. In addition to residential solar, our newest offering, community shared solar, allows renters, low-income households, and those who can’t put solar panels on their property to join a community solar farm. We are holding events and traveling to festivals and meetings in: Broome, Tioga, Otsego, Chenango, and Delaware Counties.

Web site:


Phone/fax: 607-873-9220

Visit STSW on Facebook!


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