TIER Energy Network

Vision:  The Southern Tier will be recognized for the creation of clean energy jobs, energy conservation and efficiency, development and adoption of clean energy technology and services and fostering a venture capital-friendly environment for energy innovators.

Purpose: Develop a regional network of industry, government, community, and higher education with expertise and interest in energy conservation, efficiency and generation, sustainability, finance, venture capital, workforce development, innovation, building construction and marketing to:

  • Support the development of a Southern Tier energy strategy consistent with NYS Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) and Clean Energy Standard goals and objectives.
  • Promote smart energy technology and services in the Southern Tier.
  • Improve the energy cost profile and sustainability of the Southern Tier.
  • Promote workforce development and jobs in the Southern Tier.
  • Make smart energy technology a core strength of the Southern Tier as measured by jobs created; research and development; venture capital per capita; greenhouse gas abatement; health; smart energy business growth and industry reputation.

This diagram demonstrates ways of how the T.E.N. strives to build up the Southern Tier through community wealth building rather than traditional approaches.

Membership Benefits:

  • Become informed about smart energy developments in the Southern Tier in regulated and competitive markets.
  • Share best practices in order to attract development, reduce energy cost profile and improve sustainability.
  • Participate in one or more committees including:     
    • Cleaner Greener and Climate Smart Communities implementation and tracking
    • Food and agriculture
    • Transportation and advanced manufacturing
    • Technology and business development
    • Workforce development
    • Communications and promotion
  • Improve the ability to become aware of emerging opportunities and to develop partnerships: State, Federal and Industry Grants; Research and Development; Business. Growth and Attraction; and new Business Development.
  • Position our region as a clean energy hub.
  • Become better connected to other energy organizations: NYSERDA, NY BEST, University Research Centers, Independent System Operators, Venture Capital, Startup Alliance, Entrepreneur Alliance, and Energy Consultants